The masterclass for soul-inspired women who are ready to tap into their purpose so that they can live their truest life of alignment & abundance

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There are two things that hold powerful women back from turning their purpose & passion into impact & profit.

Getting caught up in too many ideas.

When we have too many ideas, we can easily be distracted by some new thing (AKA shiny object syndrome). Here, perfectionism hijacks our true path, preventing us from putting our authentic selves forward. 

Not having enough ideas and not feeling capable of offering anything to the world (AKA imposter syndrome).

When the trap of ‘not being enough’ - not ready enough, not unique enough, not good enough - takes over, we choose fear over love. We forget that our deep love for what we do, bring and offer the world is absolutely more than enough.

When you learn to strip away all that isn’t for you - and connect deeply to everything that is - living powerfully in your purpose becomes easy, fulfilling, & profitable.

You let perfectionism, imposter syndrome or not being “certified” enough get in your way
You’re overwhelmed with so many ideas that you get paralyzed in indecision about what to do next in pursuing your passion or business
You’re stuck in the HOW
You just went through a big transition like quitting your job or losing a source of income or feel like - “enough is enough… no more playing small”
You’re tired of living for everybody else, and you’re clear that now is your time
You’re not seeing the results you’d like to see in your life
You aren’t confident in knowing what it is that fuels your soul’s purpose, leaving you feeling stuck and uninspired 
You struggle to align your focus with one idea, overthinking, becoming sidetracked and never really having anything to show for all your hard work
You are ready to feel so CLEAR and GROUNDED in your own path and purpose that it inevitably becomes a source of profit

Sister, everything in life becomes so much easier to navigate when you discover, trust and align with your heart-centered purpose. 

Join me as we walk together in uncovering yours.

Potent clarity around your soul's purpose and what you’re here to do (and what you’re not here to do)
Feeling liberated from external distractions and input, so that you feel eternally grounded in your own sense of divine alignment 
A deeper connection to practicing your YES and greater ease in exercising your NO to streamline and support your purpose
The 3-step process you need to translate your purpose into action, impact and INCOME. 

If you are ready to tap into your true potential and watch it unfold into purpose-filled profit then


Working with Kenlyn delivered me my purpose for the next phase of my life. It was all inside of me, but I couldn't figure out the thread and was getting lost with all the opportunities, ideas, and possibilities that were making me feel overwhelmed. Kenlyn saw through all of that to my core and pulled out of me my most magnificent life purpose. I am so grateful to have this clarity as my north star so that I can take action on that vision.

Myrna J.

Hi, I'm Kenlyn

It wasn’t until I connected profoundly with my own path and my purpose that everything finally fell into place in my life.

I always had so many ideas that pulled my attention and energy in different directions. Well intentioned, but too many ideas led to very little action or execution on any of them at all. Maybe you can relate?

Once my life vision was clearly in focus, it all began to flow with ease. For the first time, I felt aligned in my decision making - always knowing that the fruits of my labor were coming (and they always did).

I found myself getting the end results that I wanted time and time again, all because I wasn’t living my life for anyone else - I was living it for ME. And for what I knew I was here to do, without ever getting distracted by the external world or other’s opinions.

Now, I’m so focused on what I do and my divinely guided WHY that I am able to take action and make decisions with confidence that consistently produce tangible results.

I no longer allow the noise of what others want or expect to pollute what I know to be true:
My soul’s purpose is the anchor I can always return to. Guided by my inner knowing, I also have a powerful compass to navigate the journey of turning my purpose into profit.

The same is true for you, Sister. This is what we’re here to do!

It’s my mission to support women in creating a crystal clear vision to narrow their focus on their heart centered purpose and turn it into profit.


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